In companySTRAMEX PET we keep pace with the times.

With the help of the co-financing of the investment by the Republic of Slovenia and the European Union from the European Structural and Investment Funds, we carried out the following operation in the company.

Name of the operation: Preservation of jobs and modernization of production – COVID19
The purpose of the operation: The purpose of the public tender is to support the restart of companies and to enable the preservation of existing jobs, as in the period before the COVID-19 crisis in border problem areas of the Republic of Slovenia.

As part of the operation, we implemented the following measures:

➤ Production optimization project

➤ Order/purchase of suitable packaging machines with conveyor belts

➤ Partial automation of the production process by implementing packaging machines with liquid belts in the work process

➤ Strengthening of competences – training of workers

➤ Preservation of jobs and reallocation of the workforce

The goal of the operation is to modernize production, enable re-entry into the market, improve performance compared to the crisis period, and maintain a competitive advantage, both on domestic and foreign markets.

By carrying out the operation, we want to modernize part of the production process and thus increase the possibility of expanded entry into foreign markets. Modernization will enable us to be internationally competitive and increase the visibility of our company, as well as make it possible to preserve jobs with a new distribution of workers.

Amount of co-financing: 200.000,00 €

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